Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

The Old South Pittsburg Hospital was built in 1959 and is located on the foothill of South Pittsburg Mountain, in South Pittsburg, TN. The Hospital was built on a solid Limestone rock, as its foundation and a natural spring running directly under the Hospital and into the most Northwest part of the Tennessee River.

During the Civil war South Pittsburgs original name was “Pittsburg Landing” The Ferry landing is only an eighth of a mile from the Hospital that was used by both Confederate and Union Soldiers to land at South Pittsburg, and to travel down to Chickamauga Battlefield. In our City Cemetery there are Union and Confederate Soldiers buried side by side that passed in the line of duty. There is also a small section dedicated to the slaves that lived and died here as well with unmarked headstones.

Some of the Nurses that worked here reported Baby cries or woman screaming, when there was no one there. To this day teams often capture these sounds through EVPs and Video. There seems to be MANY souls that still remain within the aging concrete walls of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital that really want to make contact and be heard.

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